Ian McKinven is clear at the top of the Rinks Night Ranking Table after Round 1 amid a flurry of Touchers, Power Plays and big scores on a glorious sunny evening at Ulster Transport Bowling Club.

Red and Blue League Table

Red and Blue Table Week 1 16th May 2024

Red leads Blue on Shot Difference and with extra team prizes announced it adds another dimension to the competition.

Red Team Rankings (Name Order)

Red Team Rankings Week 1 16th May 2024

Blue Team Rankings (Name Order)

Blue Team Rankings Week 1 16th May 2024

Note: The Red and Blue Team Rankings are added together and sorted by Points, Shot Difference and Shots For (in that order) for the Overall Rankings Table.


Rinks Night Matches Week 1 16th May 2024

Match Details

All matches show the player lineup for each team, end by end and overall score, player stats including position, touchers, points and shots F/A/D and include the scorecard in the About Tab (see example below):

Example Match in Week 1

Example Match in Week 1 with Player Stats


John Boyd had 6 touchers on the night, followed by Noel Campbell with 5 and there was a total of 47 touchers in the six games played over 3 sessions.

Next Round

The next round of the competition will be on Thursday 23rd May 2024 at 6.30pm.


Overall everyone adapted very well to the new method of scoring, with double shots for winning power plays (double for your ooponent if you lose the end), allocating touchers to players and adding 1 shot per toucher to the overall score for each team in the match.

The playing card selection process will have a slight change for future rounds (thank you Brian Corey), with players picking the same value of card being on the same team (for example 4 Aces, or 2s, or 3s etc).